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Qualifications & Experience: Learn About Verhagen Demolition Ltd.

Marinus Verhagen, owner/president of Verhagen Demolition Ltd., has been in the demolition business for over 44 years. Mr. Verhagen has extensive experience in all aspects of demolition .

Verhagen Demolition Ltd. has completed several demolition and rehabilitation projects in the Atlantic Provinces. These projects have been completed exceptionally well and ahead of schedule. This is possible due to the leadership of Mr. Verhagen and his extremely skilled crew, all of whom are Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), First Aid, and CPR trained.

Part of the pre-demolition work involves the inspection and assessment of building materials for potential asbestos containing materials. Verhagen Demolition in the course of pre-demolition have inspected, sampled, and managed asbestos containing building materials at several locations throughout the Atlantic Provinces.

Verhagen Demolition has obtained a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association and also has Workers’ Compensation coverage for all Atlantic Provinces.

The company is in excellent financial condition, enabling large projects to be undertaken.

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